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Don’t driver dirty because Quick Quach car wash have you covered. All car owners will love to drive a clean car. Well, no matter how gentle you ride your car it most get dirty. You just have to get your car washed at least once a month; this can help you maintain beautiful finish.

Quick Quack car wash

But if you are living in a cold weather or have a longer commute, you can wash your car once a week to keep if from rusting and preserve integrity. Through this page you will be have to get information regarding Quick Quach car wash.

Quick Quack car wash

Quick Quach car wash is one of the best companies known for providing exterior car washes. This car wash franchise was mainly based in Roseville, California and has kept on functioning in Utah, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and California. The have over 16o location in total. They were noticed for their good work as of 2008, as an amazing fast-growing companies.

An industry publication states Quick Quach car wash was the 4th largest car wash chain in the United States in 2021 with 160 locations according to professional car washing & detailing.

Quick quack car wash prices

The amount of money you will pay depends on the kind of wash you require as well as their membership subscription. Quick quack car wash prices range from $8 to $30. This is their latest updated price list that Quick quack released. You can apply for their monthly plan or just a single wash. It is better to subscribe to Quick quack service to be offered affordable price.

Best offer – this is the best cleaning package encompassed all better cleaning service, it has the three-step paint sealant process duck bath, shine you can feel ultra-shine, and wax to seal.

In this service they ensure your car from oxidation and rusting, which help to shield the coating of the car paint. You can get the car wash offer from $20 to $30. This option is utilized as the Quick quack family plan.

Better offer – This a better cleaning package incorporates the wash and dry service from the good cleaning. It also includes an additional car cleaning routine like rain repellent, wheel brightener and tire shine, triple foam polish for a shining, and undercarriage rust inhibitor, shimmering car exterior. If you want to enroll in an unlimited wash under this, the price value of $22.99.

Good offer – This also a nice cleaning package of Quack Duck car wash serves the basic wash. For a usual car cleaning you can take this offer. with a touch of soap and the power of the water hose it cleans your car. This method is suitable for avoiding scratch on your car. If you prefer this kind of offer, it can cost you $7.99, while going unlimited will only give you $14.99

Quick Quack Car Wash Near Me / locations

if you are having problem in locating the nearest quick quack car wash in your area, you will get all the information you need to do that here. Moreover, quick quack has a webpage you can use to access their nearest shop to your location. How to located the nearest quick quack car wash:

  • You just have to visit their official location web page at https://www.dontdrivedirty.com/locationsandpricing/
  • Once you get to the page you will see all the nearest location in your area.
  • You can click on the “see details” to get more information and Get Directions to know your way about.
  • In you know the Zip code of the area you are located; you can enter the Zip code to get the closest quick quack.

Those are the step you have to follow to get the nearest quick quack to your location.

Quick Quack Car Wash Membership

you will be able to wash your car at any location is you are an unlimited member. You will be able to get any of their three-wash packages. Great value and an easy way to ensure that you don’t drive dirty are available for unlimited members of quick quack car wash.

If you wish to be a member of quick quack in means you are about to go unlimited. You can benefit a lot if you are member of this amazing franchise. If you are a member, you will be able to wash your car at any time, save a lot of money because it is affordable, no long-term commitment, a normal customer will line while members will perk.

How to Become a Quick Quack Member

Becoming a member of Quick Quack is a very nice decision. These are the steps you need to follow in order to become a Quick Quack Member:

  • You just have to visit their official web page at https://myqq.dontdrivedirty.com/
  • Once you get to the page click on “Join MyQQ” in a green background
  • You will ask to enter your Zip code for accurate pricing.
  • The you can purchase the kind of offer you need by clicking on it. These offers include Best, Better, and Good.
  • If you have clicked on the offer you wish to take you can now enter “place order” in a green background.
  • On the next loaded page, you will ask to create an account or sign in with google. When creating an account, you will receive a verification code at to email address you entered.
  • Visit your email inbox a click on link to e-mall address verification.
  • Enter all the information they include your first and last name, phone number, date of birth, street line 1, street line 2, city, state, and Zip code.
  • After all that you can click on the submit button.

Those are the step you have to follow in order to be a member click on the submit button to follow the onscreen process.

Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service

A lot of quick quack users get help form their customer service; you will be able to access their customer service online via Quick Quack official webpage. Hence You can get in touch with them by contacting them. Follow the step to locate their customer service:

  • Visit https://www.dontdrivedirty.com/contactus/
  • On that page you will you will ask to please chose your issue below, enter your email, license plate or VIN (optional), description, and you can now choose a file.
  • Then you have to be verified you are not a robot and click on submit.

Follow the step above to get in contact with the quick quack car wash customer service.

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