Bluewave Express Car Wash – Bluewave Express Near Me

You will feel proud just because you are driving a sparkling vehicle. At Bluewave express car wash, they value taking outstanding care of our customers and taking care of the environment at the same time.

bluewave express car wash

You can locate their official website online at From Monday – Sunday 7 am to 8 pm Bluewave store is still open, so, you can pay a visit as long it is in that period.

Bluewave Express Car Wash

Bluewave is ready to wash the exterior of any vehicle that purchases at their store. They are taking care of the outside of your vehicle and cleanse the inside with their free industrial-strength vacuums.  Well, your vehicle won’t get scratch Bluewave uses a soft-cloth material for washing. The vehicle below do not qualify to wash at Bluewave include:

  • Vehicles with auxiliary tanks
  • Jeeps with off-road packages
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Dually trucks

Those modifications and vehicles are not qualified to wash at Bluewave. You need to take note of the kind of vehicle you bring to their store.

How to Wash My Car at Bluewave

You should not find it hard to let Bluewave wash your car. You just need some guidelines to follow below:

  • You just have to locate the nearest Bluewave in your area and pay a visit.
  • view their wash menu, and select one of your choices.
  • Select the wash level.
  • Then you can insert payment.
  • You will see the gate lift; you can pull forward.
  • A Bluewave customer care agent will guide them into the tunnel.
  • The customer care Agent will signal for the customer to stop, put the vehicle in neutral, remove hands from the steering wheel, and remove feet from the pedals.
  • While the washing is going on sit back and enjoy the ride.

Those are the few steps you have to take when you want to get your car cleaned at Bluewave. You can make your payment with cash and any other major credit card.

How to Sign Up For Bluewave Unlimited Plan

A lot of Bluewave customers find it very easy to sign up for the unlimited plan. Follow the step below to start the process right at the pay station:

  • Just simply select the unlimited wash plan.
  • Select the wash package of your choice
  • Then insert your credit or debit card
  • Quickly take the receipt to the customer care office immediately after your wash
  • Complete the agreement.
  • A customer care agent will install your unique tag with your preselected wash onto the wind onto your vehicle’s windshield.
  • Enjoy unlimited car washes.

If you are already in the vacuum area:

  • You just have to visit the customer care office; it is located towards the entrance of the wash tunnel.
  • Then request to join the monthly unlimited plan, also known as the endless wave club.
  • Complete the agreement form
  • Inform the customer care agent of the wash level you would like to have access to.
  • The customer care Agent will install your unique tag with preselected wash onto your vehicle’s windshield.
  • Enjoy unlimited car washes

Those are the steps you have to follow in other to get the Bluewave unlimited plan.

Bluewave Express Near Me

Do you know how to locate the nearest Bluewave to your area? If you don’t, you should be glad to be on this page right now. Access the closest Bluewave store to your area with the information below:

  • You just have to pay a visit to Bluewave official website at
  • Once you get to the website you just have to click on the three horizontal lines and select locations
  • On the newly loaded page, you just have to click on all the select between Texas, Southwest Texas, San Antonio Area, Rio Grande Valley, Houston, or California
  • Once you have selected the area you are currently in you will see all the Bluewave located in that area.

Those ate the step you have to follow to locate the closest Bluewave to you. you just have to go through the information available to you on this page.

Bluewave Express Car Wash Membership

Well, once you are a member and have your Bluewave tag, you can take a visit to any other locations. Their endless wave membership works like a toll tag. When you sign up, you will put a card on file for automatic billing and they will install a unique Bluewave tag onto the windshield of your vehicle so you can enjoy uninterrupted washing at all their locations. However, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

Bluewave Tag Not Working 

Tons of things can make your tag not work. Furthermore, the Tags may stop working due to problems with the windshields. As well as bad placement, tampering, or account issues. You can get in contact with a customer care Agent to assist you with your tag and explain more about the potential problem with your tag.



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