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Zips car wash is one of the best car wash franchises that can help in getting your car as clean as possible. This car wash company has grown so big that they even have a website. Through www.zipscarwash.com you can locate their official website.

Zips Car Wash

Zips Car Wash

Zip is among the fastest-growing express car wash chains in the country, they have been operating over 235 locations across 22 states with over 17 years of car washing experience. They tend to give a better service and make things easier for their customers via their online access.

They have invested in industry-leading technology, creative hiring, and training methods. Furthermore, local partnerships, and a laser focus on customer care as driving forces behind Zip’s growing business model.

Zips Car Wash Near Me

If you have been finding it hard to locate the nearest zips to your location, you will be able to do that through this page. Zip has made it very easy for you to locate their nearest store in your area you need to follow some guidelines.

How to Locate the Nearest Zips Car Wash

As long as you have an internet connection you will be able to locate the closest Zips car wash nearby. Follow the step below to locate the nearest zips to you:

Once you have done that, you will see the nearest store to your area.

Zips Car Wash Membership

If you are a member of Zips, you will be able to use any of their store locations that accept unlimited wash club memberships. If you want to get the unlimited offer of service you will have to be a member first. You will start will $15, which gets you one month o unlimited services from one of three awesome membership levels.  There are three membership plans you can join and they include:

AWESOME – which is their Wash & Dry – This plan is a super solid option gets the job done. Give your car or standard power wash and dry, this will leave your car looking tidy and clean. You will get a basic wash and power Dry in this plan.

AWESOMER – which is their Wheels & Wax – Through this offer after their job, your paint will be looking pristine and get your wheels in tip-top shape. This is the ultimate achievement in suds and shine. You will get Z-Wax, Triple Foam, Tire Shine gloss, Foam detergent, Spotless rinse, and Power Dry in this plan.

AWESOMEST – which is their Works & Wow – Your car will get a thorough wash, liquid gloss, clear protect and rain repel team up to create the strongest and longest-lasting protection. You will be able to get liquid Gloss, Clear Protect, Rain Repel, Z-Wax Coating, Triple Foam Conditioner, Tire shine gloss, Foam detergent, Spotless rinse, spotless rinse, and power dry.

Zips Car Wash Cancel Membership

It is not that hard to cancel your zips membership, you will be able to do that in no time. Furthermore, it takes up to 72 hours or 3 business days for your request sent to the Zip Car wash team to be processed.

Well, it can take up to a week before the annual membership billing date, in order for your cancellation request to be successful. Your membership would still be renewed and you would still be charged if you file to request for cancellation a week before the billing date.

How to Cancel Zips Car Wash Membership Via Their Website

If you have been finding it hard to cancel your Zips car wash membership, you are in the right place at this moment. Follow the step below to file a request to cancel your membership with Zips Car Wash:

  • Visit their official website request page at https://zipscarwash.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  • once you get to the page you can fill in your email address, first name (required), last name (required), phone number(required), location, membership # or RFID (optional), what can we assist you with today, subject (required), and description.
  • Then you can add attachment (optional) and click on “submit” it is in a black background.

If you are done answering all the necessary question you can click on submit and follow the remaining onscreen process.

Zips Car Wash Prices

This are the free vacuums with wash prices

  • $6.00 for basic Exterior Wash (Per One)
  • $8.00 for basic Plus Cleaners & Conditioners (Per One)
  • $10.00 for Advanced Shine, Seal & Protect (Per One)
  • $14.00 for Zip’s Complete Car Care Program (Per One)

These are the discount and gift cards prices

  • Basic Exterior Wash is just $30.00
  • Basic Plus Cleaners & Conditioners just $40.00
  • Advanced Shine, Seal & Protect just at $50.00
  • Zip’s Complete Car Care Program is just $70.00

One of their most popular services is their 3-minute ride-thru tunnel wash. Just go through their wash, relax and let the conveyor mechanism clean your car.

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