Munorurama Bus Ticket Price 2024, Online Booking, Contact And Address

With the Munorurama bus, you can get long-distance public transportation as a passenger around southern Africa regions in South Africa. Moreover, they also offer courier and automobile rental services. Their ticket price is understandable.Munorurama Bus Ticket Price 2024

If you are looking for a good transportation provider trip or a bus with plenty of room for your legs, you can count on the Munorutama bus.

Munorurama Bus Ticket Price 2024

The Munorurama Bus price is not fixed. It can change anything due to the economic situation in that period. Below are the average fare charged by the transportation company:

  • Blantyre To Johannesburg K80 000
  • Lilongwe To Johannesburg K85 000
  • Mzuzu To Johannesburg K95 000
  • Cape Town To Blantyre R2300
  • Johannesburg To Blantyre R1500
  • Blantyre To Cape Town K115 000
  • Lilongwe To Cape Town K120 000
  • Mzuzu to Cape Town K130 000
  • Johannesburg To Lilongwe R1600
  • Cape Town To Lilongwe R2400
  • Cape Town To Mzuzu R2600
  • Johannesburg To Mzuzu R1700

Due to the change of season and period, the price can increase or reduce. The price will be updated as soon as any change is made.

Munorurama Bus Ticket Online Booking

Munorurama Bus does not have an official website about them online. Well, you can use the transportation service by going to any of their terminals close to you. Moreover, you can get in touch with the company via their customer support team phone call or email.

Munorurama Bus Contact Details

For further enquiries, booking process or complaints, you can contact the transport company via the following means:

  • Head office: Munorurama Bus Malawi, PO Box 30723, Chichiri, Blantyre.
  • South Africa Address: 116 Harrison &  17 Levos Street
  • Call: 011 403 0859
  • Whatsapp: +27 72 604 8457
  • Email:
  • Phone: +265 91 0031, +265 83 4190
  • Cell: +265 888 893 737,+265 99 920 7888


Munorurama Bus is a trustworthy transportation company. Their cost is understandable. They offer top-notch courier and car rental services, ensuring that your items arrive at their destinations in good condition and that the borrowed vehicles are often in good condition.

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