Citiliner Bus Ticket Prices 2024, Ticket Booking, Contact And Address

In South Africa, Citiliner Bus is a well-known transportation firm that offers good Ticket Prices. So, if you are looking for a good road transportation firm in South Africa you can make use of the service they offer.

Citiliner Bus Ticket Prices

However, Citiliner Bus is dedicated to the safety and comfort of its customers. On this page, you will get all the information you need about Citiliner Bus.

Citiliner Bus Ticket Prices 2024

Their Ticket prices are highly understandable for the type of service they offer. The fee you have to pay depends on the situation, destination, season, time, or even day. Well, this is because the amount you pay for daytime travel is different from the nighttime. You will get a good service form from the money worth.

Citiliner Bus Routes

Like other transportation firms, Citiliner travels on certain routes. The following are some of the main routes that its vehicles travel:

  • Pretoria to Johannesburg
  • Pretoria to Durban
  • Pretoria to Kimberley
  • Pretoria to Cape Town
  • Pretoria to Port Elizabeth
  • Pretoria to Umtata
  • Umtata to Pretoria
  • Cape Town to Durban
  • Cape Town to East London
  • East London to Cape Town
  • Johannesburg to Pretoria
  • Johannesburg to Bulawayo
  • Johannesburg to Harare
  • Johannesburg to Maputo
  • Johannesburg to Nelspruit
  • Johannesburg to Phalaborwa
  • Phalaborwa to Johannesburg

Citiliner Bus Ticket Booking / Reservations 

If you want to book a Citiliner Bus ticket you can do that with a few steps. They have an online website where their users can book tickets and perform other activities. Their vast online presence makes them stand out when compared to other options.

Follow the steps below to book your ticket online:

  • Visit the Citiliner Bus official website
  • Fill in your travelling details such as departure location, destination and departure time
  • Select a bus from those available
  • Then, fill in your passenger details such as name, email address, phone number e.t.c
  • Proceed to payment, and pay with your card.
  • Your ticket will be sent via email.

Users can also book tickets at any of the Ilula Bus terminals in person. However, you can book tickets in their terminal in person or on their website

Citiliner Bus Contact Details

For more enquiries, information, complaints and booking of tickets, you may choose to contact the transport company via the following means or make your enquiries using the comment section below:


While Citiliner Bus are okay and their Ticket prices are understandable. With Citiliner, you can do things like watch a movie, read a book, play on your phone,  relax, and enjoy all that is being offered on a trip. If you love luxury, then you can give Citiliner a try.

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