How To Verify Car Plate Number In Nigeria 2024

This comprehensive guide will explain the steps on How To Verify Car Plate Number In Nigeria 2024. With a car plate number you will be able to identify the car or vehicle owner. One of the main use of car plate numeber is to identify the name of the car.

How To Verify Car Plate Number In Nigeria 2024

Car Plate Number verification 

Verifying car plate numbers is important for ensuring road safety and preventing vehicle-related crimes in Nigeria. Plate numbers are generally a means of identification, they are used to identify car owners. The process of verifying car plate numbers is more accessible and efficient.

Importance of Verifying Car Plate Numbers

Verifying car plate numbers is very important in ensuring road safety;

  • Verifying car plate numbers is very useful in identifying stolen or unauthorized vehicles, and also reduces the risk of accidents and criminal activities on the road. It allows law enforcement agencies to maintain orderliness and take appropriate action against traffic violators.
  • Verifying car plate numbers reduces the chances of falling victim to fraudulent practices such as identity theft. It helps potential buyers ensure they are not purchasing a stolen vehicle.
  • Authenticating car plate numbers helps law enforcement agencies in tracking vehicles involved in illegal activities. It facilitates investigations by providing correct information about vehicles and their owners.

How to Verify Car Plate Number In Nigeria

The verification process of car plate numbers in Nigeria is quite a simple one, following this guide. There are different ways to verify car plate numbers, via the online portal or SMS:

Verify Car Plate Number Via FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) Verification Portal

  • Visit the official FRSC website (
  • Choose the Verify Number Plate option
  • Enter the car’s plate number.
  • Click the SUBMIT button

The system will display details about the car.

Verify Car Plate Number Via SMS Verification

To verify your car plate number via SMS;

  • Send an SMS to the FRSC verification shortcode(33324).
  • Format the SMS as follows: VerifyPlateNo followed by the vehicle’s plate number.
  • Send the SMS to the FRSC shortcode.

You will receive a response containing information related to the plate number.


Verifying car plate numbers in Nigeria is very important for promoting road safety, preventing fraud, and assisting law enforcement agencies. By making use of the FRSC verification portal, or SMS verification, individuals can quickly authenticate car plate numbers with ease.

Be sure to stay active and contribute to a safer and more secure road environment in Nigeria by verifying car plate numbers effectively.


Is car plate number verification free?

Yes, the plate number verification service provided by the FRSC is free of charge. However, standard SMS charges may apply if you choose the SMS verification option.

Can I verify the plate number of any vehicle in Nigeria?

Yes, the verification process is applicable to all vehicles registered in Nigeria, including private cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.

What information can I obtain through plate number verification?

Plate number verification allows you to access details such as the vehicle’s make, model, color, engine number, and registration status. This information helps in identifying the authenticity of the vehicle.

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