How to Register a Marriage in Nigeria 2024 | How Much Does It Cost?

This article aims to provide a guide on how to register a marriage in Nigeria. It is also covering all the necessary steps. Registering your marriage will help your marriage to be legally recognized and it serves as proof of the marriage contract.

How to Register a Marriage in Nigeria 2024

Marriage in Nigeria Registration 

Registering a marriage is a legal step in Nigeria, making sure that the union is recognized and protected by law. However, the process involves several procedures that must be followed to ensure a valid and official registration.

Importance of Registering a Marriage

There are several benefits of registering a marriage, and they cannot be overemphasized. Some of them include;

  • Registering a marriage in Nigeria provides legal recognition and protection for the union.
  • It establishes the rights and obligations of both spouses.
  • Registration enables spouses to claim inheritance and property rights in case of the partner’s demise or dissolution of the marriage.
  • It safeguards the interests of both parties and prevents disputes or conflicts regarding property and assets.
  • Registered marriages grant couples access to various social benefits, such as health care, pensions, and other government schemes.

How to Register a Marriage in Nigeria

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register a marriage in Nigeria:

1. Both parties must give a notice of marriage at the marriage registry.

2. They must obtain and complete the prescribed application form for marriage registration from the registry.

3. Gather the necessary documents, including birth certificates, and other valid certificates.

4. Visit a court to obtain a sworn affidavit.

5. If either party is under the age of 21, parental consent is required.

6. Obtain a letter of consent from the parents or legal guardians, duly signed and witnessed.

7. Arrange for a marriage ceremony and a legit marriage officer at the registry.

8. Invite witnesses (usually two) who are of legal age and can provide their identification documents.

9. After the ceremony, the marriage officer will issue a marriage certificate.

10. The certificate serves as proof of marriage and it is good to keep it safe.

How Much Do I Need to Register a Marriage in Nigeria

Below are all the necessary expenses to register a marriage in Nigeria:

  • SPECIAL MARRIAGE: ₦ 25,000.00
  • ORDINARY MARRIAGE: ₦ 15,000.00
  • CERTIFIED TRUECOPY: ₦ 15,000.00


Registering a marriage in Nigeria is a very important step in ensuring legal recognition, rights, and protection for couples. By following the outlined steps and gathering the necessary documents, couples can successfully register their marriage.

Moreover, it is important to understand and fulfil the legal requirements to avoid any complications in the future.


Can foreigners marry in Nigeria?

Yes, foreigners can marry in Nigeria. They must comply with the same registration procedures and provide the necessary documentation as Nigerian citizens.

How long does the marriage registration process take?

The duration may vary depending on the registry or local government authority. Well, on average, the process can take several weeks to complete.

Can I register my marriage after a traditional or religious ceremony?

Yes, it is important to register your marriage legally after a traditional or religious ceremony to ensure its legal recognition and protection.

Can same-sex marry in Nigeria?

No, same-sex marriages are not legal in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the Marriage Act defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Can I register my marriage in any state in Nigeria?

Yes, you can register your marriage in any state in Nigeria. However, it is advisable to register in the state where either party resides for convenience.

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