Is Threads the Same as Twitter?

Threads is a social media app developed by Meta. People have the question “Is Threads the Same as Twitter?”.  Well, Threads is a micro-blogging platform that gives its users the opportunity to share short test updates. The Threads app can only be accessed if you have an Instagram account, this means you have to log into your Instagram account to access the app.

Is Threads the Same as Twitter

Although both are look-alike app, it has distinctive features that give a more intuitive experience. This article aims to provide information on the difference between Twitter and the Threads app.

Is Threads the Same as Twitter?

No. Although, the Threads app has similar features with Twitter; It also has distinctive features.  It differs from Twitter in terms of the account creation and deletion process, pricing, verification process, character limit, and advertisement policies.

Differences Between Threads And Twitter

Here are remarkable differences between the Threads app and the Twitter app;

Account Creation:

To sign up on Threads, you must have an Instagram account. The threads app requires you to select the Instagram account through which you would sign up with. On the other hand, Twitter is a standalone app where you can sign up without any underlying requirements.

Character/ Video Limit:

Twitter has a character limit of 280 but more unless you’re a blue user, while Threads has a limit of 500 characters. In the case of video, Threads allows you to post up to 5mins videos, while Twitter allows posts of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds of content, but more unless you’re a blue user.


Accessing all features on the Threads app is completely free while having access to premium features on Twitter requires an $8 payment per month.

Ad Policies:

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter has advertisements, while the new Meta’s app is ad-free.


On the Threads app, you are automatically verified if you are a verified Instagram user. On the other hand, Twitter uses a subscription-based model for user verification. Users have to pay a monthly $8 fee for verification.

Messaging feature:

Twitter offers an in-app messaging feature, while Threads does not.

Account deletion:

Your Threads account is linked to your Instagram account which means deleting your Threads account automatically deletes your Instagram account. While for Twitter, deleting your account does not affect any other social media platform.


Twitter allows its users access list of trending topics using the Trends feature, while this feature is not currently available on the Threads app.

About Threads app

Threads app, the newly launched Meta platform app is a microblogging platform that allows its user to post and share texts, images, and videos. The two apps are very similar to each other and is closely connected to Instagram. This app is available to Android and iOS users and is free to download and use.

Do you need Instagram for threads?

Yes. Presently, only Instagram users can create Threads account. Threads app is a social media platform that lets its users post text, links, pictures, and videos. However, you need an Instagram for the threads app.

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