Do Android Smartphones Support Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

Do Android Smartphones Support Hardware-Based Ray Tracing? Just to make the experience better than it was Smartphones are now also heading to different gaming technology. Well, on Tuesday, Arm introduced their new flagship Immortals GPU with the capability of hardware-based ray tracing.

Do Android Smartphones Support Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

Not too long-ago Qualcomm also announced lightweight AR glasses with wireless capabilities, and these Glasses will be available to buy from OEMs later this year.

Do Android Smartphones Support Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

ARM Announced Immortals GPU with Ray Tracing: ARM which is known to be the leading smartphone GPU chips brand made its first chip to make ray tracing possible for Android Phones and tablets with its Immortalis-G715, which also includes other enhancements.

However, everyone knows from the past few years, tech giants such as AMD & Nvidia is making Graphic cards for PCs and consoles with the capability to support Ray Tracing for both software & hardware, and now it’s the turn of the smartphone industry.

ARM immortals GPU with Ray Tracing

Speaking of ARM immortal GPU with Ray Tracing, will not say it is industries first GPU chip that allows Ray Tracing for smartphones. However, Samsung already has one with AMD. As well as Apple’s A15 Bionic chip & their Mail-G710 enable software-based Ray Tracing. The company introduces some demos of it, which look impressive.

Whereas the graphic quality lacks Anti-aliasing, Ray Tracing seems better than we saw it first on PCs & Consoles. if has only configurable 10 to 16 cores and has a performance boost of 15 if you want to know about other specs and improvements, and it is also 15% more energy efficient. In making this chip, ARM has also partnered with well-known MediaTek because the company has already used this capability.

But through software-based Ray Tracing in its flagship Dimensity 900 chipset, with the last year’s Mali-G710. This company also mentioned its availability. The Immortalis-G715 will be arriving as the flagship smartphone at the start of 2023. A lot of people know that smartphone companies use Mali GPU chips in their smartphones, so we would see multiple smartphones as a key feature.

Frequent Ask Question

What devices support ray tracing Minecraft?

It’s recommended that you have the following when working with ray tracing in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition: Operating System (OS): Windows 64-bit. GPU: DirectX hardware ray tracing capable GPU like NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 20 Series and higher, and AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series and higher. Hardware: PC.

Is RTX coming to Android?

Have you been wondering if RTX is coming to Android? Nvidia has announced its GeForce Now will come to Android phones soon and more immediately the company has activated the first RTX servers for the game streaming service.

Can you use RTX on a mobile phone?

RTX has on enables real-time ray tracing on any device, even if it doesn’t have an RTX-capable GPU. Again, if you’re unfamiliar, ray tracing provides realistic lighting in games by simulating the physical behavior of light.9 Jul 2021.

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