How Can I Tell Which Fitbit I Have? | What Fitbit am I Using?

If you do not know how to tell the Fitbit you have, you are on the right webpage. In our world right now, Fitbits are one of the most popular smartwatches as of today. It’s for good reasons and they render a good level of convenience which other smartwatches don’t offer. Fitbit is completely self-contained.


However, other watches require synchronization with phones or hookups with cellular or mobile data. Over the last few years, the popularity of Fitbit has led to nearly countless models being released. Then making it difficult to find out exactly which Fitbit you have. Through the information in this content, you will be about to tall the Fitbit you are using.

How Can I Tell Which Fitbit I Have?

How Can I Tell Which Fitbit I Have? The easiest way to know which Fitbit Watch you have is to locate the model number which is on the back or the side of your watch. Therefore, it does not mean it is impossible.  It is a five-digit code that begins with FB and is then followed by three numbers.

If you do research, it will be possible for you to know your Fitbit Watch model. If you want to discover differences between both Fitbit models and find out exactly the model you have, then keep reading this article.

What Fitbit am I Using?

They have released dozens of different Fitbits. It can be pretty difficult to instantly know the Fitbit you have, especially if you have had it a long time or gifted to you. The easy way to tell the type of Fitbit that you are using is to locate the model number located on the side or back of the watch. It’s a five-digit code that begins with FB and is then followed by three numbers.

You can also visually identify it by looking at images online. Even if you have a current Fitbit model, it is possible that you may not know the exact watch you have. However, there are sometimes when one Watchmodel is released in a single year.

Fitbit Smart Watches Vs Trackers

They both look similar, Fitbit had two separate types of products. One is a simple tracker, that keeps count of steps taken, and calories burned and selects other workout statistics. Fitbit also has feature-packed smartwatches. The additional feature you can find in Fitbit is like that of an Apple watch.

There are a lot of features rolling out for new smartwatches. Maybe someday we’ll even get that Fitbit blood pressure monitor so many people want.

Fitbit Trackers

If you do not have features like sleep tracking and Amazon Alexa in your Fitbit, you likely have a tracker. The Watch Inspire lineup included Trackers, the Charge lineup, and the newest Watch Luxe. Also Fitbit Luxe. The Watch Inspire is an entry-level tracker that offers basic functions. The Watch Inspire is an entry-level tracker that offers basic functions.

It comes in a variety of different colors, but it is typically one solid color. It is a slender device with a single button on one side. The Fitbit Charge has a wider, more square-like face. it’s easier to identify because it doesn’t look like the typical Watch. The newest tracker available is Watch from the company. It is a blend between inspiration and charge when it comes to looks.

For people who find the inspiration too small but the charge too bulky to them. It is easily identified by its rounded edges, the charge and inspire both have a sharper look

Fitbit Smart Watches

Smartwatches have a more list of features the trackers are lacking. These features include voice recognition software like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and a few more. So, if you have voice recognition, read below to know which type of Fitbit smartwatch you have.

The Watch Versa 2 was released in 2019. It has a square face with a button in the middle on one side. The WatchVersa 3 looks nearly identical to the Versa 2. It can be difficult to know the difference based on looks alone. However, it’s still easy to find out if you have a Versa 2 or a Versa 3. The 3 has GPS functionality, and the 2 does not.

The Watch Sense was released in 2020, just a month after the Versa 3.  The Sense closely resembles the Versa too, but it is a much pricier product. The big selling point of the Sense is the electrocardiogram function. Simply check and see if this feature is available. If you see the electrocardiogram function, you know you have a Fitbit Sense

Older and Discontinued Fitbit Products

Here is the older and discontinued Fitbit product:

Old Fitbit Trackers

Fitbit has different products, including clip-on trackers, and devices that closely resemble a bracelet than a smartwatch. To connect the band these products do not have a latch, relying on elastics or rubbers to hold the device on your arm. These types of products are the classic Fitbit Flex and earlier models in the Charge lineup.

In 2013 The watch Flex was first released, and it is one of the most iconic styles of Fitbit up to date. It was innovative for its time, tracking sleep patterns and movement 24/7 features. You can easily identify it through the wristband. Instead of having a clasp to secure the device around the wrist, it relies on a flexible, yet stiff wristband.

The WatchForce innovated on the foundation of the Flex. It was released at the tail end of 2013 and features an always-on clock. It was recalled in 2014 due to reports of allergic reactions. The original watch Charge was released one year after the Force and was intended to be the replacement. It has the same features as a Force, and it’s easily identifiable by a textured wristband.

More on Trackers

The Fitbit Charge 2 has a larger screen than the original Charge, making it easy to identify. The Charge 3 was the first in the lineup to feature an oxygen saturation sensor. If you are curious about which Charge you have check for an oxygen saturation sensor. The original Charge and the Charge 2 do not have this feature. The Charge 4 brings Spotify to Fitbit’s trackers. If you have a Charge that has Spotify, you’ll know you have a Charge 4, which was released in early 2020.

The Watch Alta returns to the well-known look of the original Flex. However, it has been upgraded significantly. It has a brighter display thanks to the full OLED screen. The watch Alta HR, again, resembles the Flex. However, it has a new sleep-stage monitor.

Old Fitbit Smart Watches

The Charge and Sense are like the Fitbit Surge resembles, but it features a sharper square design. The simplest way to know this watch is the fact that its band is the same width as the face of the watch. The Watch Blaze was designed as a competitor to other popular smartwatches. It had a very short life on shelves and was replaced by the Versa.

It has a square face and by its multi-button layout, it is easily identifiable. Of all other Fitbits, The Fitbit Ionic is unique. It has a sharp, square face, and it has a wristband that begins as the same size as the face and tightens its shape as it approaches the ends.

Fitbit Serial Number

If you still can’t successfully identify the type of Watch you are making use of you can try finding the device’s serial number.

it is easy to find Most watch serial numbers inside your phone. Just go to settings and find “Regulatory Information.” The serial number is a string of 12 or more characters. You can search the serial number to easily find out which type of Fitbit you have. You can look for it through the use of Google.


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