USAA Insurance: Insurance Offered by USAA

USAA offers different kinds of insurance that you can trust. They’re really good at solving specific problems in different areas. USAA is one of the best insurance companies in the United States. They’ve been around for a long time and have a lot of happy customers to show for it.

USAA Insurance

They provide different types of insurance to current and former military members. They’re also called the United Services Automobile Association, and their main goal is to give the best insurance deals to U.S. military members. If you’re a veteran seeking a trustworthy insurance company, USAA is the ideal option for you to consider.

What is USAA Insurance

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is a well-known insurance company that helps military members with money matters like banking and insurance. It was started in 1922 in Texas by a group of U.S. Army officers. Over time, it has expanded its services and earned awards. Now, it serves millions of military personnel and their families.

USAA Home Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • J.D. Power score suggests a high rate of customer satisfaction
  • Standard policy offers personal property replacement cost coverage


  • Higher than-average commission charges
  • No 24/7 support
  • Limited securities supported, no cryptocurrency, futures or forex
  • Only available to U.S. military, veterans and their families

Types of Insurance Offered by USAA

Here are the different kinds of insurance that USAA gives to people who apply for them:

  • Medicare Plans
  • Life insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Additional Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Vision insurance

You can easily apply at USAA to get the best prices for insurance from the options mentioned above.

Other Perks Offered By USAA

USAA has more services to offer to its eligible members. Some of their best perks include:

  • Auto loans
  • Credit cards
  • Home mortgages
  • Financial planning
  • Mutual funds
  • Brokerage and Trading
  • Checking and Savings
  • Motorcycle, RV, and Boat Loans
  • IRAs and Rollovers
  • 529 Education Plans
  • Car care
  • Home Solutions
  • Entertainment

As well as advice concerning Auto, Finances, Family, Disasters, Home, Retirement, Insurance, Deployment, joining the Military, and more.

USAA Claims

To ask USAA for money to fix something, go to their website or app. You can send pictures, set up an inspection, and book a rental car online. Once they give you a price for fixing things, you’ll pick a place to get it fixed. You pay a bit of the cost, and then USAA gives the rest directly to the repair place and rental car company.

USAA Claims Phone Number

If you want to file a claim over the phone with USAA, call 800-531-8722 or 210-531-8722. You can also file a claim online at


USAA is a special insurance company that provides affordable insurance to military members, veterans, and their families. It’s available all across the country and offers extensive coverage, discounts, and extra benefits for homeowners. It’s a top choice for military families because it’s strong financially, as rated by AM Best.

Their standard policies include coverage that other companies usually charge extra for, like replacing your belongings if they’re damaged or stolen. However, if you need lots of discounts or extra coverage options, you might find better options with companies like Allstate or Liberty Mutual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is USAA a good bank?

USAA is a great bank if you can join. They offer most banking services you need. While other banks might offer higher interest rates, USAA’s rates are fair and they have few fees. If you want to bank in one spot with low fees, USAA is a good option.

Does USAA Have A Mobile App?

Yes, The USAA Mobile App lets you easily and safely access your account from your phone. You can handle your money, insurance, and other stuff. Just by tapping a few times, you can transfer money, pay bills, and put checks into your account.

Can I join USAA if my deceased father was in the military?

Can kids whose parents have died still be part of USAA? Yes, but their parent had to be a member of USAA while they were alive. If the parent was a member, their kids can also become members.

Why Can’t I Get USAA Insurance?

USAA needs its members to have a connection with the military, either by being in it, retiring from it, or having left it with honour. If you’re not in the military yourself, you can still join if your mom or dad is a member or if you’re married to someone who is (even if you’re divorced or widowed).


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