How to Update Fitbit Charge 5 to the Latest Version

If you notice that Fitbit has released a new feature and you can not find it, you just have to update your Fitbit charge 5 to the latest software. It doesn’t matter if it is a smartphone, laptop, smartwatch, or fitness tracker, it is better to have the latest features.

How to update Fitbit Charge 5 to the latest version

All you need to do to access your new software version is just an update. However, keep on reading about how to update the Fitbit charge 5 to the newest available software. Fitbit just released a new update for its product recently. These updates include New Clock Faces, Find Phone, bug fixes, a fix for battery drain issues while using GPS, and other enhancements.

If you have a Fitbit Charge 5 you can update it to the new software with ease. you can also choose to update your tracker from the paired smartphone. However, you will get all the information you need on how you can update your Fitbit Charge 5 to the latest available software.

How to Check Fitbit Charge 5 Current Software version

You need to check the current software version of your Fitbit Charge 5 to know if it needs any updates. Have it in mind that you can come across issues when a new update comes. It can break a feature or a bug can cause performance issues. That is one of the main reasons to know the current version before updating to the newer one.

Below you have all you need on how to check your firmware version on Fitbit Charge 5:

  • Install the Fitbit app on your Android phone or iPhone, if not installed. You can get the app for Android from Google Play Store while for iPhone from App Store
  • Lunch the app
  • Click on the profile icon, it is located at the top left corner.
  • Select the Fitbit Charge 5.
  • You will find the firmware version below the name of your tracker on the screen.
  • To get the latest information on the tracker click on the sync now an option on your Fitbit Charge 5.

If you want to know the release notes of older software or newer, then you can head over to Fitbit’s support page and see all details, before installing the new version.

How to Update Fitbit Charge 5 with the Fitbit app

Fitbit app is another method you can use to update your Fitbit Charge 5 each. One good feature of the Fitbit app is that it gives you access to update the software of your Fitbit devices.  You can easily pair your fitness tracker or watch to your smartphone once you have the app installed. With that, you will be able to update your Fitbit device to the latest version through your phone.

The steps are listed below:

  • lunch the Fitbit app on your smartphone.
  • click on the “profile icon”, it is on the top left corner of your smartphone.
  • In the bottom section, there’s a “Help & Support option”, enter it.
  • Now tap on the “Check for Charge 5 update” option.
  • If there’s a new update available, you will see it and install it on your watch.

That is all you have to do then the update we be done through your phone.

How to Update Fitbit Charge 5 from Fitbit Website`

If you have not connected your phone to your Fitbit Charge 5 watch you can update it var the watch itself.

These are the steps listed below:

  • Head over to Fitbit’s official website at
  • Make sure you’re on the latest version of Fitbit Connect, you can update it by tapping the Fitbit Connect icon > Open Main Menu > Troubleshooting > Check for updates.
  • Go back to the main menu, then click on Check for device update.
  • If asked, log in with your Fitbit account.
  • Now if there’s a new update available, you will see it and install it on your watch.

That I all you have to do to get the update through the Fitbit website.

What to Consider Before You Update Your Fitbit

  • Make your Fitbit have enough battery like 50% above.
  • Get the latest version of the Fitbit app on your phone.
  • Permit the Fitbit app to access in the background.
  • The update may take an hour to complete, so be patient.

Once you find out the software version on your Watch, let’s take a look at the methods on how you can update Fitbit Charge 5 to the new version.


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