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Truck driver jobs in the USA with Visa sponsorship do not require many skills and you can earn a good amount of money per year. Well, are you wondering if you can apply? If yes, you shouldn’t be because this opportunity is open to all anticipating applicants all over the world

Who is a Truck Driver?

A truck driver is someone who drives a truck in other to earn a living, they are also known as a lorry driver. They basically use the truck to move goods from one place to another by road.

Type and Salary of Truck Driver Jobs in USA

Here are some typical types of truck drivers. Lots of truckers do different jobs during their careers, with different levels of responsibility and skills. It’s normal for truckers to learn more skills and get more education to move up to better-paying or more convenient jobs as they go along.

Dry Van Truckers

Possible salary: $26,000-$35,500 per year

Dry van truckers are usually new to the trucking world. They drive big trucks with one trailer filled with things that don’t spoil, like clothes or electronics. Usually, they don’t have to unload the stuff themselves, but sometimes they do.

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Flatbed Truckers

Possible salary: $42,640-$52,000 per year

Flatbed trucks are not like regular big trucks, and driving them needs extra know-how. You have to secure the stuff you’re carrying differently than you would in a regular truck. Also, you need to really understand what you’re hauling and how to tie it down properly.

This is because extra skilled, and flatbed truck drivers often get paid more. They often haul things like big vehicles, huge stuff, and things that don’t fit in other trucks.

Tanker Truckers

Possible salary: $37,727-$57,915 per year

Tanker truck drivers are really wanted in the trucking world. They haul liquids, which is tough. They have to be ready to act fast in emergencies. Sometimes, they carry dangerous stuff, sometimes not, depending on who they work for and their clients.

LTL Freight Truckers

Possible salary: $45,965-$51,500 per year

LTL, or “less than truckload,” means moving smaller shipments. LTL drivers carry these shipments over shorter distances or when they can’t fit on another vehicle. They usually make many stops in a day and often have to unload the freight themselves.

Freight Haulers

Possible salary: $45,965-$67,600 per year

Freight haulers carry stuff that regular dry van drivers don’t. They often move liquids, really big things, and stuff that’s dangerous.

Local, Regional, and OTR Drivers

Possible salary: $51,100-$ $81,820

Different truck driving jobs involve different amounts of driving. Local drivers stay close to one city. Regional drivers cover bigger areas like whole states or cities. OTR drivers travel all over the United States, with routes that can take them anywhere.

Refrigerated Freight Drivers

Possible Salary: $54,406- $82,949

In lots of situations, stuff being transported in trucks has to stay at exact temperatures to stay good. Refrigerated truck drivers carry things like food, medicine, meat, and other stuff that can go bad quickly.

They have to make sure their truck stays cold, watch out for any changes in temperature, and store things the right way to keep them fresh. They usually get paid more because it’s a big job with lots of responsibility.

Truck Driver Jobs In USA With Visa Sponsorship

Responsibilities of a Truck Driver in USA 

If the United States is where you want to work as a truck Driver, you need to go through the responsibilities list below:

  • Driving long distances.
  • Talking with dispatchers.
  • Following traffic laws.
  • Securing and arranging cargo in the truck.
  • Keeping track of work hours.
  • Fixing any vehicle problems before driving.
  • Planning routes and making deliveries on time.
  • Following trucking rules.
  • Reporting problems, accidents, and violations.
  • Taking care of the truck every day.
  • Loading and unloading trucks.
  • Being polite with customers.
  • Checking the truck before and after trips.
  • Keeping records of deliveries.
  • Make sure the amount of loads you carry is correct.

These and many more are the responsibilities of a truck driver in the United States.

Benefits of Truck Drivers Job in USA

There are a lot of benefits that you get when working as a truck driver in the USA with a visa sponsorship. Here are some of the benefits below.

  • Salary: Truck Drivers earn a lot of money, and they often get paid for every hour they work. Companies also give extra benefits because of the job’s demands.
  • Travel: Being a truck driver lets you visit lots of different places and get paid for it. You’ll drive all over the country for work, but you can also use your free time to explore cool landmarks and stuff. If you love travelling and seeing new things, being a truck driver is a great way to do it.

  • Starting and education costs: To become a truck driver, you usually go to driving school and get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This might take about eight weeks. Some trucking companies cover the cost of the CDL test for you

Where to Find Truck Driving Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

When looking for a job as a trucker in the USA, you can try asking friends or people around you for help; this will undoubtedly go a long way. Also, you can search online, and with the websites below, your search should be much smoother.

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Canadian job bank

How to Apply for Truck Driving Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

To apply for a truck driving job in USA, there are quite a few steps to follow and some things you need along the way, which include:

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for working in USA. Check out the types of visas you can apply for and be sure you meet the criteria.
  • Look for truck-based companies that are known for hiring foreign workers and are willing to provide visa sponsorship. After doing this, check if they have a vacancy.
  • Your next step is to create an eye-catching resume that will attract people and highlight your past job experience, your level of education and all other positive qualities.
  • Send your resume to as many employers as possible, increasing your chance of acceptance. Moreover, you then get the ability to choose what’s best for you. Follow instructions and provide all necessary documentation.
  • During the interview, be prepared to discuss your visa status and the requirements for sponsorship. Communicate your commitment to fulfilling any necessary legal obligations related to your employment.
  • After your employer agrees to help you get your Visa and sponsorship, be prepared with all necessary documents and be ready to wait, as the process can take a while.

To apply for the Truck Driver Jobs in the USA With Visa Sponsorship 2024, click on this link to start the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Do Trucking Company Sponsor Foreigners?

Trucking companies can bring in truck drivers from other countries to work for them. But the visa program is set up to make it easier for companies to hire skilled workers they need.

Question: Are truck drivers in demand in USA?

The American Trucking Association predicts that in 2023, there will be a lack of 64,000 truck drivers, and in 2024, it will reach a new high of over 82,000. They say that to meet the demand, the trucking industry needs to recruit over a million new drivers in the next ten years to replace those who are retiring or leaving.

Question: Is it hard to get hired as a truck driver?

Lots of jobs need you to have a college degree just to apply, and it’s hard to get your first job because they all want experience. But becoming a truck driver is easier and faster.

Question: Is trucking a good career in USA?

Driving trucks can be a great job if you want to earn good money without going to college. In your first year, you could make between $69,000 and $85,000. How much you earn depends on the type of driving you do (like carrying flatbeds or tankers) and the company you work for.

Question: Is trucking a stressful job?

Truck driving can be a really stressful job. It involves keeping the truck in good condition, managing time well, meeting deadlines, getting enough rest, driving safely, and dealing with rules and laws.


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