How to Stop Hulu Ads – Get Rid of Hulu Ads

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services available today. You can make use of it with the ad-supported version, or you can pay a little bit more for Hulu without the ads. The good part is that you can block or shorten the length of ad breaks.

How to stop Hulu Ads

How to stop Hulu Ads

You will get all you need to do concerning how to get rid of ads coming up on Hulu. However, the information available below will block ads if you have Hulu + Live Tv. But not on Live Tv Streams.

You can sometimes skip through ads if you record a live TV show to the cloud DVR, it is not regular. The device you are using and the show depend. However, it is not an experience that happens always.  Below are the simplest ways you can get rid of ads on Hulu, just keep on reading.

How to Upgrade Hulu to stop Ads  

Upgrading your subscription to the ad-free tier is the easiest way to get rid of ads on Hulu. You can buy it individually for $12.99/per month. Moreover, you can also purchase it as part of the Disney Plus Bundle, it includes Disney+, Hulu (No Ads), and ESPN Plus for $19.99/per month.

To do this, log into your account and navigate to the Hulu (No Ads) tier to change your plan. Your account will be charged the additional cost on the next billing cycle. You can change your mind later and turn it off if you prefer.

How to Use Chrome Extension to block Hulu Ads

you can choose to make use of Hulu Ad Skipper if you are watching Hulu through a desktop browser like chrome.  Hulu Ad Skipper is an adblocking extension you can find in chrome. It will help to skip upcoming ads when detected.

You just have to install the chrome extension and it does the rest. Some users have said other ad-blocking software like AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin worked perfectly fine.

Reload Your Hulu program page

Reloading your Hulu Program does not remove ads, but can shorten them. Usually, the ads on Hulu are short, lasting between 300 seconds to one and a half minutes. Furthermore, ad breaks on Hulu are up to three minutes long. You’ll see a small “AD” banner in the screen’s upper-right corner when a program goes to commercial.

You can also get to know the number of minutes the commercial will run through the display. However, if it is too long you can stop streaming on the device or web browser and select it again to re-enter. You will see a shorter ad in 30-60 seconds. Try it again if it doesn’t work, but it is a good and quick solution to reduce ad time.

Make use of Ad-Blocking Browsers

Ad-Blocking browsers are built to block ads out of the box. You can make use of Brave on your computer it can help you block ads on services on Hulu. The default setting may have a chance to break Hulu, you just have to tweak them first. If it doesn’t work out properly in Brave, navigate to Brave Settings Menu and go to the Shield section.

Set Trackers & ads Blocking to Standard or Disabled. You can choose to go bake and turn it back on after watching your show. You may need to turn off additional settings if the privacy & security section you have the browser locked down with other strict settings.

Web Filtering

As of now many modern web routers allow you to use web filtering to block certain websites and services. You can specifically make use of the functionality to block the service used by Hulu to load ads. There are tons of steps to do this depending on your local network configuration.

To begin, open your web browser and type in your router’s IP address. This is typically 837.628.9.3 or similar. Consult your router’s documentation if you aren’t sure of the address.  In the router setting menu, look for the Web Filtering option (this is usually listed as an advanced options feature). Find the web filtering option and add the following domain.

Save your settings and restart your router when you’re done. By blocking this domain, most of the ads on Hulu should be blocked. Unfortunately, this tip isn’t guaranteed to work, and Hulu may prevent you from blocking this domain in the future.

If you find that Hulu won’t load after blocking this domain, repeat the steps above and remove the domain from your web filtering list.

Open Two Tabs

There’s a trick you can use to skip ads if you’re watching on a desktop, open two tabs to watch the same program. In one tab, mute the volume and fast forward to the first ad. Then, on the second tab, begin watching the content until you get to the first ad.

When you get to the first ad, mute it and move to the second tab. Rewind the opening commercial, unmute, and continue watching. Keep moving between the tabs until your show is over. This is a pretty clunky way to avoid ads, but it’s guaranteed to work if you really don’t want to watch them.

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