How To Pause Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey – 3 Steps to Pause Marketing Cloud journey

How To Pause a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey – Through the pause feature, the marketing cloud allows marketers to better manage to stop journey builders. Well, it was fully recommended to make a far more travel version or somaline to make another trip.

How To Pause Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey 2023

This feature comes with difficulties in retrieving contents from the previous activity in which they were engaged. Right here on this page, you will be able to pause your marketing cloud journey. Furthermore, it will take a few minutes to pause your salesforce marketing cloud journey.


How To Pause Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey

How To Pause a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey? The process to stop the journey in the marketing cloud is now available as standard functionality.

However, it was announced in the May 2020 release, that marketing cloud users can now temporarily stop journey builder processing contacts within journeys; until then, you had to stop the trip entirely first and then create a new version, which was messy and time-consuming.

3 Steps to Pause Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey   

You should follow the three steps available below:

Choose the pause option – you have to choose between “pause this version” or “pause all versions” to stop processing contacts. Checkout Journey Builder Interface: When you have selected one of your choice contacts processed during the trip, they will no longer receive communication.

Furthermore, the contacts queued for sending continue to be processed in the normal way. One travel version or all versions can be interrupted for a maximum of 14 days. That is if the configuring pause options, it is possible to choose whether to resume travel at the end of the pause period or to stop altogether.

You will be able to manually resume the interrupted journey at any time of your choice. And you can only extend the time for ‘Wait duration’ activities if your travel has wait activities (maybe other travel activities are part of an upcoming release?).

Take Action on Your Path – Whether for strategic reasons, to focus on promoting your event to limit your marketing campaigns, or operational reasons to avoid overlapping multiple campaigns.

pausing a trip gives you ways to optimize it, and the opportunity to be identified. it is an opportunity to work on your journey by adding or removing activities to make it more relevant to your contacts.

Continue the Journey – once the journey resumes, all contacts are evaluated according to the target defined within the journey. If the contact matches the exit criteria set by you, they will be removed from the trip.

How to Stop Marketing Cloud Journey

Follow the information below to stop your marketing cloud journey:

  • You just have to visit Marketing Cloud.
  • Then In marketing cloud Journey Builder and choose Journey Builder.
  • Click on the Journey you wish to stop
  • Click on the Pause button at the top right. You will see the option to choose a single version or all versions of your running journey If you have multiple versions of the journey. All contacts of the journey will be excluded.

That is all you have to do to stop your marketing cloud journey.

How long can a Running Journey Be Paused?

To halt processing contacts, you can pause a particular version or all versions of a journey. After a journey is paused, Journey Builder doesn’t create new sends. Contacts processed by Journey Builder and queued for sending aren’t paused. Journeys can be paused for only up to 14 days in 1-day increments.

Can You Delete a Journey in Marketing Cloud?

You will be able to delete a draft and inactive Marketing Cloud journeys in Journey Builder. All its goal and performance data are permanently removed when you delete an inactive version. The journey’s cumulative totals still include the goal and performance data tied to it. Yes, it is important You can’t recover deleted drafts.

What Happens If I Delete a Contact on Salesforce?

The deleted contact will be moved to the Recycle Bin. If you undelete the contact, any associated records are restored, including any inactive Self-Service usernames. Another contact will become the primary contact in its place If you delete or remove an activity’s primary contact.


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