Top 5 NFT Marketplaces to Sell Your NFT

NFTs are becoming more popular nowadays everyone Is trying out how to get better out of it. a lot of people believe that NFT is the future currency,’ and this can be Silicon Valley.

Top 5 NFT Marketplaces to Sell Your NFT

For you to create and trade your NFT (Non-fungible Token, you need an NFT Marketplace, you need NFT Marketplace. This is very similar to E-commerce sites where you can buy anything with your digital wallet/e-wallet.

Top 5 NFT Marketplaces to Sell Your NFT

Do you know the top 5 NFT marketplaces to sell your NFT? There are a lot of options to choose from, whether you want to buy/sell or create an NFT at a specific price after determining the potential value of that non-fungible token. If you are having issues getting to know where you can sell your NFT. You will be able to do all you need if you keep going through this page.

Where are the best marketplaces to lunch NFT

Before you decide to kick a particular marketplace, the important thing is to have a digital wallet associated with that particular NFT marketplace and cryptocurrency, that can help you in simplifying the overall transaction process.

Here is the best marketplace to lunch NFT

  • Coinbase platform
  • Rarible
  • ETH
  • Magic Eden

Listed above are the best five (5) marketplaces to launch NFT.

Coinbase platform

One of the other NFT platforms where digital artefacts can be exchanged is Coinbase. The marketplace waiting checklist has recently passed 1.1 million people. This exceeds Open Sea’s active user baser base. Well, they also have 73 active users on Coinbase, the new NFT marketplace has the potential to grow rapidly.


FTX NFT launched alongside Solana-based NFTs and has already expanded its collection with Ethereum-based NFTs. Not like Open Sea and Coinbase NFT, FTX is NFT-focused. All user data is stored on a separate network. Thus, users should expect strict rules. However, at 2%, the normal fee is lower than other marketplaces


Rarible is one of the NFT markets that supports countless other blockchains. Rebel has emerged as an impressive competitor to Open Sea in 2022 due to its decentralization and widespread support for various blockchains.


Zora.ETH is a completely permission-free platform that has no “on-chain”. It has a network at no cost and is based on an unauthenticated protocol. With this Jora wants to present the artists with more sovereignty. However, If the trend for greater freedom continues, Zora could become one of the most important NFT marketplaces in 2022.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is currently among one of the top NFT markets for the Solana blockchain. Since takeoff in mid-September last year, Magic Eden has climbed to the top NFT marketplace. The number of exceptional wallets has been increasing steadily over the past 2 months, making the platform a strong competitor to OpenC. Similarly, the transaction fee of 2% on the platform is very low.

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