Does Kuda Bank have USSD Code? | What Kuda Bank USSD?

Of course, users wish to know if Kuda Bank has a USSD code, which is exactly the whole point of this entire article.

Does Kuda Bank have USSD Code

The Bank reviews its transfer code that always allows customers to be able to transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime, and then carry out many other functions that you will otherwise need to visit a bank or branch to perform.

Does Kuda Bank have a USSD Code? this blog will enlighten you more on that.

Does Kuda Bank have a USSD Code?

Kuda Bank does not have a USSD Code, almost all transactions you need to carry out can only be done on the Kuda App. Although Kuda does not have a USSD code, to aid its online and offline banking and affiliated activities.

The Kuda Bank Partners with more leading financial institutions in Nigeria such as the Guaranty Trust Bank, Wema Bank, Zenith Bank, First Bank, and many more. The Kuda Bank USSD code is a shot code that allows users to be able to subscribe to or apply for particular services that are offered by a service provider.

This service is usually a network that is enabled and the service providers can be Kuda Bank or even other entities. Kuda Bank is an online, digitized bank that can offer banking services that are similar to that of the conventional banks in Nigeria. But like these conventional banks that have USSD codes.

About Kuda USSD Code

Kuda Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) certainly referred to as featured codes or quick codes, is a communication protocol that is used by GSM cellular telephones to be able to communicate with mobile network operator’s computers.

The Kuda USSD codes can be used for WAP browsing, location-based content services, menu-based information services, prepaid callback services, and mobile money services.

Kuda Bank USSD code is generally a special short code that is designed in unique ways to help in self-service transactions such as money transfers, airtime top-ups, bill payments, withdrawals, checking balances, and many more that the bank has to transfer.

The major benefits of the USSD code are that it is easy and convenient to use, it saves time and does not need online access to carry out transactions. Kuda Bank is set to have unique codes for transactions like transferring money from Kuda, purchasing airtimes, and so on.

This does not mean that the Kuda Bank does not have a USSD code. However, some other USSD codes could be used for some specific transactions on Kuda. Kuda has some USSD codes that can be used for transactions. Transactions like money deposits, which are known as the Kuda USSD code for accounting funding, or even the Kuda bank code transfer.

Add Money to Kuda from other Banks Using USSD

Kuda partners with some leading banks in Nigeria. These banks include Zenith Bank, First Bank, Polaris Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, and lots more. As a result of the partnership, you can be able to use these Kuda Bank USSD codes.

These codes are used to add money to your Kuda Account. To do a successful transaction, follow these guides below:

  • Open the Kuda Application
  • Select “Add Money” on your dashboard.
  • Choose “Add by USSD”
  • Specify the amount you would wish to send
  • Select the right USSD and then dial it
  • Then follow any other prompt screen process, to complete your transactions.


Unlike the other conventional banks that are in Nigeria, Kuda does not have any USSD code. Banking has become massively easier. This is because of the introduction of new and much better banking technologies.

The idea of USSD is not new nor extremely original and it gained great popularity primarily because it can be accessible. This article has outlined in detail all that you need to know about the USSD Code of Kuda Bank.


What is the code USSD for Kuda Bank?

To find out the current balance in your Kuda Bank account access your kuda bank app. Lunch the app on your phone to check the balance of your Kuda account. Once you enter the app you will see your balance displayed.

How do I use USSD with Kuda?

To ensure successful transactions, follow the steps below:

  • Open your kuda application
  • Then on your dashboard, select “Add Money”
  • Then select “Add by USSD”.
  • Input the amount that you would wish to send
  • Select the right USSD to dial it
  • To complete the transaction follow the instructions that are on your screen.

Can I Transfer to Kuda using the USSD code?

You can add and send money to your Kuda account from GTBank, Zenith Bank, and Polaris accounts by USSD.

How do I Activate my USSD Code?

*901# is the USSD banking solution that could give you access to our services with only your mobile phone.

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