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Job Openings at Remoteli

Tech Support Specialist Job at Remoteli

Location: Egypt, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya

About Remoteli:

Remoteli, a UK-registered outsourcing company, has been delivering top-tier services from Ghana since 2020. We serve international clients like Google, Sony, and Samsung across 15+ countries.

As we expand our operations, we are seeking skilled Tech Support Specialists to join our team and contribute to the provision of exceptional technical support services.

At Remoteli, we value creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence. Join us and be part of a dynamic and supportive environment where your career can thrive.

About the Role:

As a Tech Support Specialist, you w

Your role will involve diagnosing and resolving technical issues, offering guidance on hardware and software, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

This position requires strong technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills.

You will play a key role in maintaining the functionality and performance of our clients’ systems and applications.

Key Responsibilities:

Technical Support: Provide technical support to users via phone, email, or chat. Diagnose and resolve hardware, software, and network issues.

Troubleshooting: Identify and troubleshoot technical problems. Provide step-by-step solutions and guidance to users.

System Maintenance: Perform routine system maintenance and updates. Ensure systems and applications are running smoothly and efficiently.

Documentation: Document technical issues, solutions, and support interactions. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of support activities.

User Training: Provide training and support to users on the effective use of hardware and software. Create user guides and training materials.

Customer Service: Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by providing timely and effective support. Follow up with users to ensure issues are resolved.

Escalation: Escalate complex technical issues to higher-level support or specialized teams as needed. Provide detailed information and context for escalated issues.

System Monitoring: Monitor system performance and security. Identify and address potential issues proactively.

Collaboration: Work closely with other support specialists, IT teams, and vendors to resolve technical issues and implement solutions.

Continuous Improvement: Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and best practices in technical support. Continuously improve skills and processes to enhance support efficiency and quality.


Experience: Previous experience as a Tech Support Specialist or in a related role. Proficiency in diagnosing and resolving technical issues is required.

Technical Skills: Strong understanding of hardware, software, and network troubleshooting. Experience with operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) and common software applications.

Problem-Solving Skills: Strong problem-solving abilities and a proactive approach to addressing technical challenges. Ability to diagnose and resolve issues effectively.

Communication Skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical users.

Customer Service: Strong customer service skills and a commitment to providing excellent support. Ability to handle difficult situations with patience and professionalism.

How to Apply

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