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Job Openings at Mindrift

About Mindrift

Mindrift is a community of freelance experts, writers, and editors committed to innovation and excellence, dedicated to generating high-quality data for improving AI.

Freelance Copywriter Needed at Mindrift

Are you a language professional looking for a new challenge? Do you want to harness your writing, editing, technical, and creative skills to shape the future of Artificial Intelligence? We have an exciting opportunity for you! They seek talented freelance writers, copywriters, editors, and wordsmiths to join our team and create a diverse range of innovative content.
As a collaborator, you’ll have the chance to write on a wide and varied range of topics, using your skills to craft original, helpful, honest, and harmless text responses that will form the “voice” of future AI.
Working within our style guide, you’ll ensure that your work is fact-checked with verifiable sources and that your writing meets the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Join Mindrift in shaping the future of AI and taking your language skills to the next level!


  • You have some professional or educational experience in creative writing, copywriting and editing in English
  • Your level of English is native or proficiency (C2)
  • You have a degree in communications, linguistics, literature, journalism, or similar
  • You are ready to learn new methods, able to switch between projects and topics quickly and sometimes work with challenging, complex guidelines
  • Our freelance roles are fully remote so, you just need a laptop, internet connection, time available and enthusiasm to take on a challenge


  • Take part in part-time, remote, freelance projects that respect your primary professional or academic commitments
  • Try your hand at an AI project and enrich your portfolio with new experiences
  • Make a tangible impact on the quality of AI

How to Apply

Open this link to apply.


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