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What Is Insurance – Insurance helps you handle risk. When you get insurance, you’re safe from unexpected money problems. If something bad happens, the insurance company gives you or someone you pick some money.


What Is Insurance?

Insurance is a contract between you (or your business) and an insurance company to help keep you and your loved ones safe from losing money if something bad happens, like an accident, sickness, natural disaster, or other unexpected things.

If you have medical, dental, or vision insurance, it can also help you stay healthy by helping to pay for regular check-ups and treatments. The agreement itself is called a policy. It explains who or what is protected by the agreement, when the insurance company will give money, who gets the money, and how much they get.

How Insurance Works

Insurance helps out if something bad happens. It’s like a deal you make with a company: you pay them a little money regularly, and in return, if something bad happens to you, your property or you accidentally hurt someone or damage their things, they’ll help cover the costs.

There are two main types of insurance:

  • Property and Casualty insurance (P&C)
  • Life and Health insurance.

The first type helps if something happens to your belongings, like your car or home. The second type helps out if you get sick or if something happens to you.


Insurance coverage features are mentioned below:

  • It doesn’t make the loss smaller, but it spreads it out among many people. So, when something bad happens, everyone chips in a little to help cover the cost.
  • Lots of people pay into the insurance company to cover different risks. When someone has a loss, they get money from this big pot of money. This way, everyone pays a little to help each other out.
  • You can get insurance for things like medical bills, car damage, or stuff getting lost or broken, depending on what kind of insurance you choose.
  • The main parts of an insurance policy are the premium (what you pay regularly), the policy limit (how much the insurance will pay), and the deductible (how much you have to pay before the insurance starts covering costs). It’s important to understand these when you’re getting insurance.


Insurance keeps you and your family safe by covering unexpected expenses. If you get sick or have an accident, insurance helps pay for medical bills or damage to your car. It also protects your home and belongings from theft or damage.

And if something happens to you, your loved ones may get a sum of money. Basically, insurance gives you peace of mind about money problems you didn’t expect.

How Much It Cost

Several things can influence how much you pay for life insurance. Some factors you can’t change, but there are others you can work on to possibly lower the cost before and after you apply.

The type of insurance you want to get will decide how much you’ll pay. It’s really important to carefully look into and compare different companies’ policies to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type is the most important?

That’s a concise breakdown of insurance needs! Short-term insurance needs typically revolve around specific situations or assets that require coverage for a limited duration, such as travel or car insurance.
On the other hand, long-term insurance needs, like life insurance and health coverage, provide protection over extended periods. It’s essential for individuals to evaluate their needs carefully and choose the appropriate insurance solutions to ensure comprehensive coverage for both short-term and long-term situations.

Which type should I avoid?

If the policy doesn’t clearly say what counts as something that causes damage, you won’t get any money if you make a claim. Try not to choose policies where the things that count as causing damage are too restricted, unlikely, or don’t relate to your situation.

How many claims can I file?

With life insurance, you can only ask for money once for each situation. So, if you become totally and permanently disabled and your policy covers that, you can only get money for it once. After that, even though your policy is still active, you can’t ask for money again if you become disabled again.

But with other types of insurance, like health insurance, you can keep asking for money until you’ve used up the amount your policy covers. For instance, if your family’s health insurance covers up to Rs 5 lakhs, you can keep getting reimbursed for medical bills until you’ve used up that 5 lakh limit.

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