Housekeeper Job Openings in Canada – $3,808 Per Month

There are numerous housekeeper job openings in Canada, with 3,026 housekeeper jobs available across the country. Various employers are seeking housekeepers, including Homeland Housing, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Elkhorn Resort, The Postmark Hotel, and Hyatt Regency Toronto.

Additionally, there are up to 20,616 housekeeper jobs in Canada, with positions available in different locations and industries. For instance, GRC Camp Services is looking for a housekeeper in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, while Bouwa Whee Catering needs a housekeeper in the Northwest Territories and Calgary.

Salary Range for Housekeeper Jobs in Canada

According to Indeed, the average hourly wage for cleaners in Canada is approximately $18.60. This translates to a daily earnings of around $189, a weekly income of $984, and a monthly income of $3,808. Annually, this amounts to approximately $53,781.

Top 10 Paying Cities for Housekeepers

Here are the top 10 paying cities for housekeepers in Canada ¹:
  • Ontario: $48,750 per year
  • Alberta: $42,179 per year
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $35,354 per year
  • Northwest Territories: $35,354 per year
  • Prince Edward Island: $35,354 per year
  • Yukon: $35,354 per year
  • British Columbia: $34,808 per year
  • New Brunswick: $29,006 per year
Note that these figures are based on the average salary for executive housekeepers in these provinces.

Top 10 Paying Companies for Housekeepers

Here are the top 10 paying companies for housekeeper jobs in Canada:

  • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
  • Marriott International
  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • The Westin Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotels and Resorts
  • Delta Hotels by Marriott
  • InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Accor Hotels

Please note that the salary ranges can vary depending on the specific role, location, and level of experience.

Housekeeper Job Openings in Canada

Who is a Housekeeper

A housekeeper is a skilled and detail-oriented individual responsible for maintaining the cleanliness, organization, and overall appearance of a property, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming environment for occupants, guests, or clients.

Responsibilities of Housekeeping Jobs in Canada

Here is are some of the responsibilities for housekeeping jobs in Canada:
  • Clean and maintain floors, surfaces, and fixtures
  • Dust and polish furniture and fixtures
  • Sanitize and disinfect high-touch areas and surfaces
  • Change linens and towels
  • Do laundry and ironing
  • Manage kitchen supplies and utensils
  • Operate cleaning equipment and tools
  • Restock supplies and amenities
  • Respond to guest requests and complaints
  • Maintain organization and clutter-free environments
  • Perform deep cleaning and special event preparation and cleanup
Note that specific responsibilities may vary depending on the employer, location, and specific job requirements.
Benefits of Housekeeping  Jobs in Canada
Here are some good benefits of being a housekeeper in Canada:
  • Competitive salary ($23,888 – $48,750 per year)
  • Job security and stability
  • Opportunities for advancement and professional growth
  • Variety of work environments (hotels, hospitals, private homes, etc.)
  • Flexible scheduling and part-time options
  • Sense of satisfaction and accomplishment
  • Opportunities for immigration and permanent residency
  • Access to benefits like health insurance and retirement plans
  • Paid training and professional development opportunities
  • A chance to work with a diverse team and meet new people
Note that benefits may vary depending on the employer, location, and specific job requirements.

Requirements to Apply for Housekeeper Jobs

  • There are no specific education requirements
  • A high school diploma may be required
  • Some employers may require certification for housekeeping room attendants or similar certification
  • Experience in home management and housekeeping may be required
  • Be good at speaking English

Please note that specific Requirements may vary depending on the setting, industry, or employer.

Where to Find Housekeeper Job Openings in Canada

Housekeeper job openings can be found on:

  • Job boards like Indeed and Monster.
  • Company websites for direct application.
  • Local job fairs and community boards.

How to Apply for Housekeeping Jobs in Canada

Here are the steps to apply for Housekeeper jobs in Canada:
  • Confirm your eligibility: If you want to immigrate to Canada, start by learning about the different programs you can apply for. Each immigration program has different application and eligibility requirements.
  • Check if your qualifications are recognized: Before you search for jobs in Canada, you should find out if the type of work you want to do requires a professional license or certification.
  • Search and apply to jobs: When starting the process of immigrating to Canada or getting a work permit, you should only apply to jobs from employers who are recruiting international candidates.
  • Here are some resources to find Housekeeper jobs in Canada
  • Check here 

Types of Canada Visa to Apply after Getting a Housekeeper Job

If you’re from another country and want to work temporarily in Canada, you might need a Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) visa. But if you plan to stay long-term for a permanent job, you could look into options like the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

In Canada, cleaning jobs are available for people at different levels, whether you’re just starting or have experience. There are lots of good things about working in this field, like benefits and chances to work all over the country.

For official information about the different types of work visas for Canada and what you need to get them, check out this link.


Housekeeper job openings in Canada offer a promising career path for individuals seeking a rewarding and stable profession. With a high demand for skilled housekeepers across various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, and private households, there are numerous job opportunities available nationwide.

Housekeeping roles in Canada provide competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancement and professional growth. Additionally, immigration pathways such as the Home Support Worker Pilot and Express Entry System offer a chance for foreign workers to pursue a housekeeping career in Canada.

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