How to Get Your Original WAEC Certificate Online 2024 | In 3 Easy Steps

We all know the WAEC Certificate is one of the most important certificates to get into a Higher Institution. Are you one of those people who has lost or not collected theirs?  Well, this article will help you to know how to get your original WAEC Certificate online.

How to Get Your Original WAEC Certificate Online

WAEC has created an online platform where individuals can access their original certificates digitally.

What is the WAEC Digital Certificate

Wace Digital Certificate is a simple and instant method provided for institutions and organizations to enable candidates to gain access to their certificates Online. WEAC has created an online platform where individuals can easily obtain their original WAEC certificate digitally.

This new platform is available for students and educational institutions. It allows users to access, share, request, and retrieve WAEC candidate numbers via desktop and mobile devices.

How to Get Your Original WAEC Certificate Online

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your Original WAEC Certificate Online. You can probably get it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and make use of the steps below:

1. Open AN Account

You need an account to log in to the Wace official website. You need to open an account by visiting VIA your web or mobile browser to do that. Then click on the “Create Account” button, which is located at the top right corner of the screen.

In the account-creating process, you have two options of alternatives: “Certificate Access (candidate)” or Certificate Confirmation (institutions and organizations).

You are to choose the “Certificate Access”. To do so, enter the correct “contact details” and a “Valid Email address”. You must use an email you can easily access. The account must be verified with the code sent to your mail to you before it can be activated.

While signing up, you must provide the correct information as it appears on the form of identification that you plan to use to apply. So, take your time and provide precise details on all the forms. If you already have an account, you must move to the next step, which is signing in.

2. Sign Into Your Account

When you finish signing up, you can now access the platform with your email address and password. To have your certificate, you will need to fill out another form where you will put in your information, such as exam year, exam type, and WAEC candidate number.

NOTE: Exam type has three options: WASSCE for school candidates and WASSCE for private students 1&2.

Just in case you forget your candidate number, there is a way to retrieve it, but as stated earlier, it comes with a fee. To get back your lost candidate number, you must provide more personal information, including your date of birth and sex.

Then, you will be charged 12 units (3,000 naira) for successfully recovering your candidate number. You see the digital wallet on the platform; it is funded from your bank account, which is where the unit will be charged. The candidate number is ten digits, and once you have it, you can get your certificate.

3. Make Payment

The platform has given a digital wallet the ability to pay money. With the help of a digital wallet, your funds will be converted into units. It helps in all activities on the platform, such as purchasing the WAEC digital certificate, retrieving the candidate number, etc.

When funding the wallet, you will type in how many units you want to purchase and pay via card, bank transfer, USSD, or bank transfer.

There is a service charge attached to these transaction methods. After payment has been approved, you can check your billing history to see Payment edit units.

If you pay and the payment is not reflected as units on the platform, you might log out and use iPayment because it takes some time to show on your balance. After your balance has been updated, you can begin making your purchase.

To get the WAEC digital certificate

If there are enough units (30 units) to get your certificate, you must return to the first form filled and click ‘access certificate’. The following form you see will pop up and require your BVN. It is mainly the form of identification needed.

If the names on your ID, on the platform, and in your certificate match, there will be a charge of the 30 units, and your certificate will load in a few seconds.

Downloading/Sharing the certificate

When you are done paying, you can freely download the digital certificate to your mobile phone and save it on the platform for future viewing. If you wish to share with an institution or organization, it comes with a price of 3500 naira (14 units).

If your proposed university asks for your WAEC CERTIFICATE, all you need to do is click on the share icon on the dashboard. Then, enter the receiver’s email address, make the payment, and it is done. Then, confirm with the receiver.


For as many who have complaints, the platform has a section. Each section can raise a complaint ticket, which will be forwarded to their support team. Social media is also reachable; it is a 24-hour response rule.

Thanks to the new concept of getting your Wace certificate online. You can get your results in the comfort of your home. You have to go through the information available above.


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