How to Get the Blue verification icon on Twitter

What is the best way to make people know your account is legit and authentic? Well, the best way to make people know your Twitter account is real, is by getting verified. To help combat the number of bots and fake accounts Twitter brought back its verification process. In this process, users with a large following will be able to get some credibility.

How to Get the Blue verification icon on Twitter

How to Get the Blue verification icon on Twitter

You will get everything you need to know how to officially get verified on Twitter through this article. You just have to keep on reading through this page. The blue icon next to your Twitter indicates that you’ve been verified by the platform. It lets other users know your account is legitimate and is run by yourself.

Steps to Get Twitter Blue Tick Verification

Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to your profile to meet Twitter’s current activity requirements.
  • Visit your account settings and click “request verification” to begin the verification process.
  • Then you will see a dialog box with more information about Twitter verification, click “Start Now”
  • Select the appropriate category to tell Twitter who you are.
  • Show proof that you chose the correct category (e.g., your official website, press about you)
  • Provide a legit email address, website, or government-issued ID to prove your identity.
  • Click “submit and hold on for Twitter to respond.

You can make another verification request if your verification request is denied on your first attempt. However, you can resubmit it after 30 days.

What does blue verification mean on Twitter?

Just like mentioned above, the blue icon shows your account is legit. Let’s say you have influence online, getting verified on Twitter con help give your platform leverage and will build trust as well. It makes you more credible to brands and your audience.

You can get this verification only through Twitter. Many scammers online will try to advertise that they can get users a blue tick, so be aware. Instead, follow the steps that are available below.

The benefits of being Verified on Twitter

There are tons of advantages to being verified on Twitter. Primarily, you can be recognized as a public figure or an influencer within your field.

This is good when looking to start collaborating with brands and growing your follower base. Moreover, though some wary users will dismiss the importance of verification, the fact remains that it is now a valuable source of authority for the typical Twitter user. furthermore, it assists in building trust with your online community and especially in the influencer industry (which is so heavily reliant on trust).

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