Does Bose Headphones Connect to Xbox? – How to Connect Bose to Xbox

Does Bose Headphones Connect to Xbox? If you are about to play a video game on your Xbox, you just need an appropriate head system to listen to your game and communicate with your playmates. Unfortunately, not all headsets and headphones work with Xbox, especially not wireless models.

Does Bose Headphones Connect to Xbox?

Does Bose Headphones Connect to Xbox?

Do Bose headphones work with Xbox? Well, Bose headphones are not considered compatible with your Xbox, moreover, with a little extra time, tools, and ingenuity, you can connect both wired and wireless Bose headphones to your Xbox.

Through this page, you will be able to understand why Bose isn’t considered a compatible brand and how to connect your headphones to your Xbox Keep reading to learn more.

Why is Bose Headphone not compatible?

Xbox did not make it easy to connect different headphones and headsets that are not sold by Xbox exclusives. Wireless headphones are even more difficult to connect because Xbox has a wireless protocol that is similar to Bluetooth but operates at a higher RF.

Furthermore, you can’t simply pug in Bose headphones or connect them via Bluetooth to your Xbox. However, to make it compatible you have to option to take a couple of extra steps.

How to connect Bose Headphones to Xbox

If you want to connect your Bose headphone to your Xbox it depends on the headphones you are using. You will get to know if you can connect to your Xbox wired or wireless.

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How to connect Wired Bose Headphones with Xbox

If the Xbox you have is a recent version of the Xbox one controller, it will be easy to connect your wired Bose headphones to your Xbox. Recent controllers come with a 3.4-millimeter jack. Do this by plugin the Bose headphones into this jack, and they are ready to work.

if you have an older model controller you can still use your wired Bose headphone, but you need an adapter. You can also purchase an adapter and place it inside the controller’s expansion port. The expansion port will come with a 3.5-millimeter jack. Plug the headphones into the jack.

How to connect wireless Bose Headphones with Xbox

Connecting your wireless Bose headphone is a little bit more difficult. To connect your wireless headphones, you will have to take an alternative route, Bose or otherwise. Well, there are three ways that you can use your wireless Bose headphones for your Xbox:

  • PC connection
  • Tv connection
  • Bluetooth transmitter.

PC Connection

A Windows PC account is a great option for you. It works whenever you connect your Xbox to your PC using the same network.

  • Download the Microsoft app and log into your account.
  • Allow the app to work on your PC.
  • Connect it to your Xbox.
  • Go to the Xbox app and add a device. This option should be located at the top left corner.
  • Search for your Xbox and it will connect once it is detected.
  • After connecting, you can control all of your Xbox functions using your computer, which means you can utilize your computer’s Bluetooth mechanism to connect to your Bose headphones.

Once you activate the computer’s Bluetooth mechanism and the two devices pair, you should be able to use your wireless headphones as expected.

TV Connection

Using the TV to connect your wireless headphones to your Xbox works very similarly to the above method.

  • Connect the Xbox HDMI cable to your TV.
  • Using the TV remote, select the Xbox HDMI video source.
  • Connect your wireless Bluetooth Bose headphones to the TV.

This will allow using your Bose wireless headphones with your Xbox.

Bluetooth Transmitter

A Bluetooth transmitter acts as the middleman between your headphones and the controller. Purchase a compatible transmitter.

  • Switch on the transmitter.
  • Plug the transmitter into the Xbox controller jack or adapter.
  • Turn on your headphones and allow them to enter pairing mode.
  • Hold the pairing button down on the Bluetooth transmitter for a few seconds for the devices to connect.

After the devices have paired, you can use your wireless headphone

Will Bose Quiet Comfort 35 work with Xbox?

Excellent quality online cable and boom microphone. It Will Work flawlessly on your Xbox one and Bose QC 35 series 2 headphones. The noise canceling still works on your headphones with this cable plugged in. The cable feels like a durable woven fabric that seems like it will last a long time.

Can I use Bose 700 headphones with Xbox One?

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is good for wired gaming. You can plug them into your Xbox or PlayStation controller, but you can only receive audio, so you can’t communicate with your teammates. On the plus side, the analog connection means they have no latency.


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